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The London Bands works were created using rubber bands collected from the streets of London. Sitting at the crossroads of art and recycling, the used rubber bands discarded by postmen on their daily rounds around the capital gain a new lease of life. 

A 3D take on the pointillism technique gives the artworks a contemporary edge. Created using the intrinsic colours of the rubber bands which have lived on the street or the bands are individually painted before being glued onto the canvas. Small, distinct points are juxtaposed in patterns to form striking pieces of abstract and figurative art.


Other works by Essjay are created from objects washed up by the ocean, collected from the beaches around her home.

Rubber band art

Essjay is based in both London and Montpellier, France. Inspired by the natural and modern world around her, she upcycles discarded, found objects and explores their creative potential as materials in her work. The narrative of her work stems from contemporary, environmental and women’s causes, which are portrayed in her distinctive compositions. 

Mixed media Abstract art
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